Government Solutions Software

Aclaró’s AI tools provide governments with powerful solutions, from health to funds management to tax fraud.

AI provides insight and analysis at a level that’s unprecedented and would be far from cost-effective to do by hand.

Government Solutions Software

Using Aclaró’s AI, governments can reduce fraud, identify violations of law, and decrease workloads.

Health Sector AI

See the likelihood of a loan default

  • Tap into data from 10,000 US banks
  • Understand factors for loan completion
  • Prepare your sales team to make the sale
There’s no personal information needed so there’s no concerns about privacy laws.

Reduce costs and increase the quality of care with Aclaró AI.


Funds Management

Tracking every cent that travels through a government can be difficult. There are thousands of places for funds to be poorly used or mismanaged.

By using Aclaró AI, governments and NGOs can track everything in their budgets. The system will notify them of anomalies that need attention.

The system is also perfect for tracking utilization by non-governmental organizations, bank loans, and more. The funds provider can see where the funds are being used and that the usage meets prescribed criteria.

Tax Fraud Detection

Because the Aclaró AI system is outstanding at recognizing anomalies, it can see potential tax fraud that the human brain doesn’t see. For example, Aclaró AI compares personal living standards with reported income to discover taxpayers who are defrauding the government and making more money than they’re paying taxes on.

The system is designed to accept each individual country’s and region’s tax laws so that it understands what area it’s operating in and what it needs to look for.

The Governmental Cost-Saver

Hiring a team of accountants to do what Aclaró AI can is cost-prohibitive. Since the AI system never sleeps and collates data in billions of bytes per second, it’s faster than any human team. Nonetheless, it’s a system that’s designed to advise humans of anomalies. Rather than simply taking action, Aclaró AI notifies the appropriate person that something needs to be done.

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