Aclaro AI LRIO

Labor Rate Increase Optimizer

Harness the full potential of Artificial Intelligence for your OEM Labor Rate Increases. Experience unmatched speed, accuracy, optimal rate increase requests, and significant cost savings compared to current providers. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of our à la carte options.


Receive a valid target increase in just one business day. Every day that passes without an increase costs you money. Act now and maximize your revenue.


We meticulously audit your DMS Repair Orders data against your PDF electronic records of the final customer RO copies. Our advanced Large Language Models ensure the highest level of accuracy in your submission and customer RO copies.

Optimal Rate Increases

Our AI-powered optimizers are trained to find the best possible solution based on your data. Put us to the test: provide us with the data you supplied to your current provider and witness the superior results you could have achieved.

Cost Reduction

Our fully outsourced solution costs just 5% of the labor rate increase, while our competitors charge 10% or more. Save money without compromising on quality.

À La Carte Options

**Benchmark your data:** For just $99, we'll benchmark your data and provide a rate increase figure within one business day.

**Audit-proof submissions:** For $3,999, we'll provide the actual ROs that satisfy the OEM requirement, including those not used in our analysis.

**Submission review:** For $1,999, we'll review the ROs and PDF final customer invoices used in your OEM submission to ensure audit compliance.

**Fill data gaps:** For $999, we'll provide the required code for the data pull to add to your submission, addressing pesky data gaps that most OEMs require.

With our à la carte options, you'll receive results for in-house submissions in 3 business days or less, unless we find issues during the audit.

Stop leaving money on the table

Be curious and try LRIO for a few of your makes to see what we can do for you. Unlock the power of AI and maximize your labor rate increases today.