Nexus Score

Aclaró’s Nexus Score helps auto lenders calculate risk factor for their borrowers.

Nexus Score

Imagine being able to see the information over 10,000 US banks and using that to see what a borrower’s financial health is. Of course, this allows your salespeople to be able to see how much car someone can afford, how hard it will be to get them a loan, and how easy it will be to sell them into a great vehicle. 

This type of information delivers leads to your dealerships and to lenders. 

Of course, you know that lenders are a vital part of your business. If your lenders find prospects, you can easily turn those people into buyers on your auto lot. Your lenders can see what leads in their portfolio are strong. That’s information that you can use as well. 

It’s a powerful tool for finding the right prospects. As an auto dealer, you can find leads that are prequalified to purchase a vehicle.

Nexus Score

Nexus Score and Nano Profile

Using our tools, Nexus Score and Nano Profile, you’re able to combine information about a prospects life, like major life changes, with their financial health. This can deliver a complete lead profile that will help you sell them just the right vehicle at just the right time.

Nexus Score and EngageMe

EngageMe is our survey software that asks consumers what they want even before their sure. Combining the answers from EngageMe and Nexus Score, the leads will tell you what they want and you’ll be able to see what they can honestly afford.

Nexus Score and TrueView

TrueView is a loan portfolio management software. Using this information, your dealership is able to see how well you’re doing finding great prospects, people who can afford the vehicles you’re selling.

Making Financial Health Your Superpower

Knowing who has the right credit and is able buy a vehicle from you, you’re able to focus your marketing efforts on the right people at the right time.

No more lookie-loos. No more wasted time. No more guessing who can buy your cars.

Auto business owners are calculating risk better. Don’t be left out.