Identify a selection of vehicles that are well-suited for a current or potential borrower.


Imagine when a lead walks onto the lot and you have a menu in your hand of vehicles that are well-suited to them. That’s what Aclaró Marketplace delivers.

You can show your leads the right vehicles.

  • Vehicles that suit their life needs
  • Vehicles that they can afford
  • Vehicles that they’ll like

Imagine being able to restructure your entire lot for each individual client.

That’s exactly what Aclaró Marketplace does.

Using Marketplace, salespeople can search for cars. As they look at individual vehicles, they’ll teach the AI what they want.

The system then delivers cars that are even more on point.

Then the customer can apply for a loan right on the spot. There’s nowhere that they need to go and no delay between finding the vehicle and purchasing it.

Marketplace is Car Buying Customized

Marketplace takes the guesswork out of selling cars to clients. Rather than hope that they find the car that they want, the AI system will learn what they find interesting and quickly deliver a menu of vehicles that meet those needs.

The Complete Suite

Marketplace uses the powers of the Aclaró Suite of AI tools to help sell vehicles for you.

  • Clear Transaction delivers the menu of vehicles.
  • Nexus Score helps the customer to know what they can afford and helps them apply for a loan.
  • Marketplace delivers all of our powerful, hyper-modern tools in a seamless environment. The pieces just fit together.

Take the Guesswork Out of Selling

Aclaró AI Marketplace puts everything in your hands and makes it easy for your customers to find their perfect vehicle. All the tools that you need to deliver are in one place and delivered with world-class customer service.

Auto business owners are automating their workflow. Don’t be left out.