EngageMe is a survey app that identifies a borrower’s propensity to buy.


There are some ideas that are timeless. 

Consider what happens when someone walks onto your auto lot. It starts with a few questions: “Are you looking to buy a car today?” “Car? Pickup? SUV?” “New? Used?”

Every sale starts with questions. Unfortunately, most digital marketing solutions start by telling people what they want, not asking.

EngageMe is a revolutionary idea that starts conversations with your prospective buyers. 

We begin the car selling process by asking prospects what they want. This lets us gauge how likely they are to buy soon and even what they’re going to want. 

The automated survey system asks all the right questions:

  • What type of vehicle they might like?
  • How soon they’re going to buy?
  • Their current financing situation
  • Personal preferences and needs

Everything is customized to your dealership and to the prospect. That means that the information you get is as valid as if you were asking them directly.

Start the Sales Process with Objective, Personal Information

There’s a lot that you need to know to make a sale and make it well. Using EngageMe, you can find those answers before you even start a conversation with customers.

Share your inventory with your prospects to get their interest piqued. By communicating directly to the prospect through email and message, we’re able to start putting your inventory in their sights.

The Complete Package in Your Hand

By the time you interact with the prospect, you’re able to have a clear conversation with your customers about the vehicle they want, how their going to finance it, and even how long the loan will need to be.

Auto business owners are boosting their ROI by 65%. Don’t be that guy.